• Relentlessly repels rain
  • Makes glass easier to clean
  • Extreme durability


  • PriceHK$98.00
  • Deep Cleans glass & removes water spots
  • Improves glass clarity and smoothness
  • The perfect preparation step for glass to be treated with a glass sealant


  • PriceHK$98.00

Our Most Advanced Wheel Cleaner!

  • Quickly Dissolves Heavy Brake Dust
  • Tough on Road Grime and Dirt
  • pH Balanced, Safe For All Wheel Finishes


  • PriceHK$128.00

Do you want an easy to use car wax that with cutting-edge, sophisticated technology that delivers the latest in protection? Meguiar's® Hybrid Ceramic Wax is the answer.

  • PriceHK$168.00
  • *New ultra-advanced hybird poly-siloxane crystal coating delivers our most durable paint protection yet
  • PriceHK$988.00
~Revitalizers Hydrophobic properties of paint coating
~Boosts surface gloss and darkness
~Tops-up coating protection and durability
  • PriceHK$168.00
Easiest way to “wax”.
Protects for a full year.
No buffing required.
Supreme Shine microfiber
towel included.
  • PriceHK$178.00
Unique, premium leather balm
formula cleans, conditions &
protects in one easy step.
Formulated using natural
ingredients for the Ultimate in
leather care.
  • PriceHK$168.00

•   The metal polish we all loved, now with anti-corrosive polymer protection

•   The only metal polish that leaves a high shine as well as a layer of protection on the surface

  • PriceHK$98.00