Meguiar’s® Glass Cleaner Concentrate easily and consistently removes tough vinyl fog residue, road grime, smoker’s film and bug splatter producing crystal clear, streak-free glass.

  • PriceHK$258.00

Until now, the industry average for diluting water-based dressings has been one to one or ready-to-use. Meguiar’s® Hyper-Dressing dilutes up to four to one, varying the gloss from high to satin.

  • PriceHK$568.00
Bottle only; spray top sold separately
  • PriceHK$27.00

Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with Meguiar’s® Hyper-Wash. Using innovative techniques Meguiar’s® has created a product that produces rich stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 400:1.

  • PriceHK$318.00
Bottle only; spray top sold separately
  • PriceHK$27.00

Meguiar’s® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is expressly formulated to enhance the appearance of interior leather and vinyl surfaces.

  • PriceHK$388.00

Removes though stains.

•Non-staining formula
•Restores ""like new"" look
•Colorless with a pleasant cirtus fragrance

  • PriceHK$198.00

Meguiar’s® Shampoo Plus™ lubricating formula and luxurious foam team up to gently clean and condition even the most delicate clear coat surface without scratching.

  • PriceHK$218.00
Economical sprayer yields a fine mist and is ideal for glass cleaner, mist and wipe products, and water based dressings.
  • PriceHK$21.00