Ultra-fast & reliable sanding mark removal.

• High gloss final finish
• Specifically formulated for ultimate foam pad performance

  • PriceHK$500.00
This premium formula provides a simple, but highly effective one step solution that cleans, conditions and protects leather without leaving behind any white residue or artificial gloss... perfect for use an all leather surfaces. 
  • PriceHK$108.00
Clean, shine & protect your tires in one easy step. Hot Shine™ Tire Foam powers through build-up to reveal a deep black shine.
• Simply spray and walk away.
  • PriceHK$88.00

"Hot Shine’s™ high gloss formula gives your tires a ""wet-look"" with a dark shine.

  • PriceHK$108.00

Meguiar’s, sophisticated, Hybrid Ceramic chemistry makes this product as easy to apply as an ordinary liquid wax!

  • PriceHK$168.00

Why use a clay bar on your paint? After you wash and dry your car, rub your fingertips across the top surfaces.

  • PriceHK$338.00

Meguiar’s D2002 Iron Removing Spray “Clay” quickly removes iron-based contaminants & industrial fallout, while also dissolving below surface contaminants such as rail dust & iron oxides.

  • PriceHK$240.00

Our latest synthetic, polymer- based shampoo penetrates, emulsifies and dissolves dirt without stripping off wax protection. The pH balanced formula will gently yet effectively remove the toughest road grime and surface contaminants.