Instantly removes even the toughest odors – smoke, spoiled food, pet accidents & more. Easy & convenient – just spray and the odors permanently go away.

  • PriceHK$348.00

The answer for high solids paint; cuts fast with minimal swirls.

•Successfully tested in high solids paint shops
•Low-dusting, low splatter formula cleans up with ease

  • PriceHK$408.00

Removes light to medium contamination
Buffered abrasive action attacks defects
Guards finish from scratches
Polishing oils produce a memorable shine

  • PriceHK$368.00

Spray and wipe for quick clean-up of compound polish and residue.

  • PriceHK$248.00

Ultra-fast & reliable sanding mark removal.

• High gloss final finish
• Specifically formulated for ultimate foam pad performance

  • PriceHK$1,198.00

The Soft Foam applicator pad uses a tight cell, ultra soft foam for smooth application on all surfaces including leather, vinyl, and rubber.

• Evenly and safely applies wax, polish, or tire dressing. • Pad is washable and reusable.

  • PriceHK$38.00

Significantly reduces potential swirls & scratches and contains a radial agitation grid that removes dirt & debris from the wash mitt.

  • PriceHK$118.00

•A tough cleaner to remove heavy dirt and grime
•Great for cleaning and prepping all vinyl, plastic, rubber and urethane surfaces
•Apply to vinyl tops, bumpers, plastic door panels, carand boat interiors, luggage and furniture

  • PriceHK$98.00

Provides ultimate high gloss protection to any previously cleaned and polished paint finish.

•Premium yellow Carnauba wax blended with silicones, polymers and other waxes
•Adds richness and depth of color

  • PriceHK$388.00